Road Map

Every journey needs a source of direction, a sort of compass, to ensure that the explorers arrive in the right place. Here at the Lighthouse, I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into where we’re headed on this journey together! Make sure that you follow along with the Lighthouse, so that you can keep up with us, too!

This month, the theme is Love. So, throughout this month, we’ll be exploring topics such as Respect and Selflessness. Those will release every Saturday and will be in a length that you can easily read in your equally busy day.

I’m a freshman in high school, so I realistically can only write so much. For this reason, I’m purposefully writing articles and spotlights that are shorter, so that I can dedicate more time to other areas of this website and my own life.

Like I said before, there’ll be snapshots of popular movies, such as Captain America: The First Avenger and new releases, books for curling up with, tv shows, music albums, video games, and tons of other things along the way. These’ll be tucked away in the “Under the Lamppost” category.

Later on, you can check out the archives for a guide on where to start here at the Lighthouse. Yesterday, the short story called The Lighthouse, written by myself, released on here in something that’s not going to be a frequent occurrence. Occasionally, though, there may be short stories released for special occasions or events.

In the future, there will be an exclusive written series that will release on the Lighthouse over a period of several months, so look for more info on 2169 in a while. It’ll be a dystopian series set in the near future, profoundly showing what our actions today will cause for tomorrow.

At the end of each month, there’ll be a recap post, featuring an overview of all of our biggest moments and top posts for that month, as well as a preview of the next month. There will be a few special articles for dates and holidays, not forgetting a few new contributors coming in eventually!

While it will vary each month, there will be articles contributed from a couple of my contributors and friends that will provide a wide variety of perspectives, angles, and topics that I know they’re excited to share about too. You can go meet them in “The Writers” page!

So there you go. I hope that provides a detailed map of where we’re headed this year on the Lighthouse! I’m so excited that we’re finally embarking on this adventure together!


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