April Showers…

It’s the end of March already, friends. How is this possible? Time is rather unfathomable. Anyhow, this is the first of a series of monthly “Cobbled Bridge” posts! No worries, I’ll explain. These will bridge the gap nicely between the present month and the month soon to come! In this case, it’s April that’s very soon to come.

We’re going to take a trek back to some of our best moments together this month, recap what we explored as young people on this journey, and hopefully spark some meaningful conversations! We’ll touch on any changes being made to the Lighthouse in the very near future, and introduce moments to look forward to in the upcoming month. April is going to be really special, and I know we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God’s blessings and the support of everyone who’s reading this!

March Recap

Let’s jump in! Our theme for March was Love, and we unpacked so many different aspects of that. Thanks to all of you, we had a an absolutely tremendous launch that all started with the first article, Let’s Go!. We let inspiration soar with an exclusive short story fittingly called The Lighthouse, which laid down our anthem with a heart-felt and action-filled plot. From there, we discussed, similar to what we will do today, the direction for the month of March in Road Map. Moving on, we ignited the “Under the Lamppost” series with the very first snapshot, More than a Book, which explored an ancient book with lasting impact.

For our second snapshot, we jumped into a superhero movie with a great message of patriotism, Captain America: The First Avenger. In our very first article under the “Virtues” series, we uncovered the lasting importance of Sacrificial Love, and what that means for us as teens today. Racing into something completely different, we took a look at video game Forza Horizon 3.

Contributor and fellow friend Ricky Erpelding profoundly assumed the persona of the world’s definition of love in A Self-Critique. After that, we meandered into one of the most relevant topics for teens today: Respect. There we conversed over the stereotypes society places on us as teens and the importance of respect for our elders, parents, and those in leadership over us. For our fourth snapshot, we came back to the road we started earlier on in Captain America: The First Avenger, chatting about The Avengers, an action/adventure team-up movie released in 2012.

On March 23, we took on one of the hottest topics around today for people of all ages. Loving Intolerance was a heavy article to write on, and it made an impact, becoming one of the top articles during March. Later on, Everything Counts filled us all in on a devotional that hits home every day with a packed yet simple message. Our last main article of March, Devotion, came out recently and tied our theme and articles together as we neared the end of this month and the topic of Love.

April Showers…

Now onto the future! You may notice some slight changes around the website if you check out the Lighthouse first thing in April! If you happen to stop by the menu, you’ll notice Home, The Mission, and The Writers, all of which jumped onto the page at the beginning of this month. However, you may notice a shiny new page, the Archives, where you can stop by to explore the catalog of posts and articles without feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for where to start!

We have a new color, Sunrise Yellow, for our background now! There will be other minor changes and upgrades, all of which should be really exciting and keep the Lighthouse fresh and updated!

Our topic for April is Friendship, and I am so excited about some of the directions we’re going and the topics we’ll talk about!

Along with topics for Friendship, we will continue to have various guest posts and a special release or two because of Easter and what it represents.

I want to thank you all so very much for the support, enthusiasm, and encouragement that each of you have shown. March has been a phenomenal month, and I think that April will be even better. There’s a lot of plans in the works, so here’s a challenge for you, dear reader. When you go about your everyday life this week, can you do two things? The first and more important is: Don’t ignore the topics we’ve talked about this month. Make an effort to intentionally implement these virtues into your life! It’s easy to live nonchalantly, and nod your head at the important things but forget them quickly.

That’s not who we are. We don’t forget and turn a blind eye to the problems we see in the world. Don’t forget and don’t ignore. Because we as teens are made for more.

Secondly, spread the word about the Lighthouse! If you’ve liked something you’ve seen here, why not pass the word on? Tell a friend or two at church! Maybe give us a follow to get notified of new emails! Text the link to your best friend! April is going to be amazing for so many reasons, so would you lend a hand?

Time seems to fly by so quickly these days. There’s a day, a week, a whole month gone by in the blink of an eye. But looking forward, let’s not waste a single second of it. Every single thing we do counts, so let’s be the light!