Six tips on high-school Organization

Slight malfunction in the scheduling department there, but here’s the article anyhow! 😂 I suppose it may sound ironic now, given the problems I had with the posting of this very article on organization, but I’m a pretty organized person. It’s just who I am. So thus begins an occasional sort of series on lifestyle and organization!

First, allow me to recognize those who may or may not care about being organized in the slightest. You’re welcome to that state of… controlled chaos? But I think a lot of teens, whether it bothers them or not, would prefer a tidy environment to that of disorder. So here’s six things I’ve learned so far about (as far as it depends on you) keeping your immediate or at least consistent surroundings neat!

1. Start with one thing

That book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for the last 7 months? If you’re not reading it, it’s probably time to put it away in its place on the shelf. Have a mountain of papers on the desk? All you have to do is start with a single stack.

2. The Snowball Effect

See, this works. First you start with one thing, then you move on to the second and third thing. Suddenly the over-crowded room of the typical teenager in High School starts to look a little tidier, a little… emptier?!? When one thing gets put away, the job doesn’t seem so hard anymore. Even though it’s still not finished, it gives you the motivation to carry through.

3. Don’t stop there

It’s looking a little cleaner now, but don’t stop when you can see the floor. You don’t even have to do it all at once, just a tiny bit at a time chips away at that boulder. It only takes a minute to put as many as ten small things away in their proper spots.

4. It doesn’t have to be a chore to clean house

Turn up the music. Really. It makes even the most mundane task wildly enjoyable if you’ve got the right music! That sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you get when the job is done– remember that. It always feels worth it to see a job well done.

5. Don’t wait until later

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves about tidying is: “Oh that? Ha, I’ll put that away later no problem.” You’re grimacing right now aren’t you? That paper clip you just tossed on the windowsill, well, I think there’s a better spot for that.

All it takes is a paper clip to throw off your hard-worked-for organization…

6. Take advantage of a neat workspace

Clutter distracts us more than we often realize. So having a well-organized workspace for school, papers, and other things is really important for concentration. With fewer objects there’s less of a possibility of us getting side-tracked, thus increasing our productivity.

So you see, organizing the areas around us truly does make a difference. Plus, it’s refreshing to walk into a room that looks like it’s ripped from the pages of a home design magazine.

Organization can take a little bit of time every day, and depending on the situation, a fair bit of work, but it’s so worth it, wouldn’t you say?


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