A Call

“Sisters, we can start again

Give honor to the end

Love, we can start again.

Brothers, we can start again

Give honor to the end

Yeah, we can start again.”

So says the song “Priceless” by for KING & COUNTRY. This is not a blog post, an article. This is a call for young people everywhere to rise up.

Brothers, we have to start again. Now more than ever, girls are treated as possessions, as things. They’re regarded as someone to flirt with, someone to be in a relationship with, someone to call a girlfriend.

Sisters, we can start again. Society says you have to act a certain way. But Loveliness isn’t found in your jewelry or modern fashion. Loveliness is found when you devote yourself to something better.

Brothers, we live in a day and age where girls are not respected the way they should be. The world suggests that they’re nothing more than objects and that we can treat them as such. This is so, so false. Girls are daughters of the King, sisters in Christ.

Sisters, your worth isn’t found in appearance or status or relationships. Your worth is found in Christ. Adorn yourself not with worldly things—adorn yourself with humility, kindness, and an inner beauty that comes only when Christ is your first love.

Brothers, let’s change the way that we’re known. Let’s be known by how we honor girls. How we honor our families. How we live our lives to point to Christ. Our identity isn’t found in our relationships. Identity is from God. Our worth is grounded in Christ. Girls are so much more than society depicts. They’re daughters of a living King that loves them as we’re called to.

Sisters, find your worth in Christ. A loving relationship is worth waiting for. Don’t give pieces of your heart to individual after individual—it may get broken. No, give your heart to God, and He’ll keep it safe until He finds the right person to hand it to.

“Give honor to the end.”


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