Be a Window

Windows are made of glass by purpose, so that we can see through them. The focus is truly never on the window itself, it’s solely on the object beyond. All the window has to do is to remain.

That’s how we should be. A window. We’re a sideshow. Minuscule. Microscopic. Unnoticed. All that we need to do is remain, and point to what lies beyond. And that’s Jesus. We may get cracked at times. We may even break. But as long as we remain, that’s all that matters. Be a window, clear as day, always pointing to what’s most important so that others can see. Jesus is like a window washer, he wipes all the smudges and chips away when we remain in him. So that’s all we have to do. No need for anything fancy. We’re not the show. We just need to encourage other to look beyond!

Let this thought free you from all the expectations that get put upon us. This is our sole purpose. Remain. =)

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