Where the Daisies Grow

Wars don’t last forever. As the year has gone by, so have a multitude of ups and downs. But for this time, this moment–this is not the time for war. This is the time for victory, knowing that it has been won. We’ve all had losses this year. We’ve all hit high notes. But no matter how our year’s played out, one thing is sure–you’re loved dearly. Times change, people change. But this will never.

This Christmas season, nothing is expected of you except to abide in Christ. The extra things, none of them are what you are called to do. For now, this time, these few precious days, Jesus is calling you to peace. Put everything else down, your phone, your stress, your regrets, your failures, your relationships, your fears, and your future; lay it down. Come to where the Daisies grow. A place of peace, of love, and comfort. The past is the past. Rest now. Your time will come later. But this time is for joy. 2,000 years ago a baby came to earth with the most important mission in history, to save everyone. He was born in a manger, a peasant’s feed trough, so that he could be with us.

He did not come to conquer. He came to show us another way. A better way. And He doesn’t care that you’ve got your stuff. We’ve all got stuff. When He’s inviting you inside, leave your things at the door. He will dispose of those for you. This Christmas season, leave it all outside. You don’t belong to any of these. You belong to One, and all He wants for Christmas is for you to show up. You. That’s all.

A new day is coming. A better day. Come to where the daisies grow. You’ll like it there.

6 thoughts on “Where the Daisies Grow

  1. This is so very true! During the holiday season, it’s so easy to get caught up with the commercialized part of Christmas, such as the gifts, trees, decorations, etc. But as Christians, the true meaning of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ. Jesus has done so many things for us, so the least we could do is thank Him! Merry Christmas, Josiah!

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