What Linus (and his blanket) can teach us

“That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.” Linus is wise beyond his years. And yet, as many times as I’ve seen “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, it’s easy to overlook one of the most beautiful lessons that it carries.

In the end of the movie, when everyone does the little Christmas tree up, Linus goes up to the Christmas tree and finally lets go of his blanket to wrap it around the base. Unless you haven’t watched it before–that never happens. Linus is never without his blanket. So why surrender it then?

I believe that it’s because he recognised what was worth more than his blanket. And he knew that Jesus means more than all our stuff that provides us temporary comfort.

Today we live in an increasingly materialistic culture. I often find myself being influenced by this trend. Our phones, our money, our college degree, our high school credits, social media status, and this list only grows as we get older. But I want us to ask ourselves this question: what do I love more than Jesus?

Because when we evaluate (and brutal honesty needs to be apart of this) where our love really lies… things become so much more clear. And often painful to accept.

Are we willing to wrap our blanket around the tree if it means placing Jesus on number 1? What are we willing to shift to second place to give God the priority that he deserves? Sometimes we can get so caught up with these false ideas that this stuff all lasts. News flash: it doesn’t. What on earth do you possibly think is the only thing capable of outlasting you? It’s love. And placing Jesus on number 1 may mean pushing some other things to the side, things that mean a lot to us. It could be uncomfortable. Not everyone else does it, so yes, you’ll stick out a bit.

Take a look at the podium. What’s on top? Second? Third? Make a list, and don’t kid yourself. Don’t try and make it look better than it is. Now make a new list, what you want your podium to look like over the next year. Think of life like a three-legged race. You can only get so far as you’re willing to put into it. Jesus is there, just chilling. But you’re way over there, trying to pull a cart full of things you just can’t let go of. It’s weighing you down, sure, but you’re doing it anyways. It doesn’t love you. But yet it takes number one?

Get into a three-legged race with Jesus on your team. It may still be hard sometimes. But when you trip and fall, He’ll help you back up. Tell me, what stuff are you holding onto that’s going to do that for you? And if it does… will you last to the finish line? Or will it finish you?

Lay down your burdens. Rest your blanket under the tree. His yoke is easy and his burden is light. You still have to run. You still have to pull your own weight. And you still have to endure through all the pain. But if you stick with him, and quit trying to haul all your stuff behind you–you’ll win.

P.S. Thank you Linus and Mr. Schultz. =)


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