No Time for Caution

hey.  it's been a little while, hasn't it?  do you have some time to chat? At times, no matter what I put down on this page... nothing that shows up feels like the right thing to say. So I wait, sometimes too long, for just the right words.  But sometimes life is too short for … Continue reading No Time for Caution


Battles are being fought all around us. But have we sight enough to truly see? The people we pass on our daily run, the friends we tag on Instagram, those we love most in the world, and the people we'll never know; we're all broken, hurting people that long to be whole. I thought this … Continue reading Tether


Imagine a time where life moved just a little bit slower. Where people smelled the roses because they knew that there was time to spare. Where you had just a few extra moments with your loved ones. Where maybe we could go back and fix our mistakes, set things right. Maybe we would see the … Continue reading Time