On the Elusion of Perfection

I’ve always been a perfectionist. Having to have the crayon box with all twelve colors, to get an A+ on everything, constantly organizing my drawers—it’s in my bones and has been for a while. Honestly though, the fact alone makes failure all the more blaring and painful and... disappointing. I’ve always tried to beat disappointment, … Continue reading On the Elusion of Perfection


A Call

“Sisters, we can start again Give honor to the end Love, we can start again. Brothers, we can start again Give honor to the end Yeah, we can start again.” So says the song “Priceless” by for KING & COUNTRY. This is not a blog post, an article. This is a call for young people … Continue reading A Call

Bring the Fire

Without a spark... waiting for a fire is futile. There has to be a moment--a single moment--when the fire ignites. That moment changes everything. I've realized that--without the blessing of the Lord, a fire is impossible. You may have noticed recently that I haven't been as active lately, and I'm currently planning on writing closer … Continue reading Bring the Fire