Let’s Go

Welcome to the Lighthouse! I’m so glad you stopped by. My name’s Josiah Kirk, a fifteen year old freshman and Christian. We have so many plans for the Lighthouse, and I wanted to take this time to introduce some of them!

First off, this is the mission statement for the Lighthouse, to make perfectly clear what it will forever stand for.

The Lighthouse will strive to be a place of growth and encouragement for each and every fellow teenager, regardless of background. All are welcome here because God loves each and every person enough to unconditionally sacrifice his only son for them. No matter what happens, the Lighthouse will strive be a beacon of light for other teenagers in today’s dark world.

I just wanted to say how excited I am that you’re here and that you decided to join in on this journey with us! Even if you’re not a Christian, why don’t you stick around? I think you’ll find that it’ll be worth it.

As I’ve grown up, I always have enjoyed writing. But even more important than the words on a page is the message that they give. If a message doesn’t impact people, then whoever will find value in it? This message, which will unfold as the year goes on, is all about one thing really. Our eternity. Everyone asks themselves at one point, “What do I believe?” Even people that claim to not believe in anything are still choosing to believe in their disbelief.

As we go throughout the year together on this journey of discovering what we truly believe in, there will be other teens contributing to this blog. Some will post more frequently, some less so. But each of them will bring their own personalities and perspectives to the Lighthouse, and I’m so thankful to them for lending a hand.

Now, the Lighthouse will constantly be updated with new and interesting articles over a wide variety of topics from different people. If for some reason we have a scheduling error, or one of us can’t make a deadline for a post, it’s all okay. We’re all teenagers with a lot going on in our lives. But one thing I do know is that we’re all really excited here to embark together!

Every Tuesday, for the time being, there will be a snapshot of a popular movie, book, tv show, game, music album, or something else put up on the website. Look for these in the “Under the Lamppost” snapshots category.

On Wednesdays you can find the occasional articles from the others on the team! They’ll be looking from different angles than I do, so I think those will be terrific as well.

In addition to this, I plan to write feature articles that, at this point, will be released every Saturday. Those will highlight topics such as selflessness, forgiveness, and other relevant topics in today’s somewhat confusing world for teens.

Next up today, a short story called The Lighthouse will release on the blog, a short story written by myself that perfectly exemplifies the mission of the Lighthouse. In the future, I have plans for at least two brand-new types of articles, but you should follow along to stay in the loop!

We’re so excited to get started! Please remember to bookmark this page or follow us, and be sure to tell all your friends about us, too!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by! I think this will be an adventure you won’t want to miss out on.

Let’s go!



18 thoughts on “Let’s Go

  1. Way to go, Josiah! The world needs more ideas like this coming from young people like you! Excited for where this project takes you in the near and far future! Fantastic idea!!!


  2. Oh, gosh!! I’m super excited, Josiah! I can’t wait to start reading and keeping up (you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this super exciting journey to start 😄). Congratulations!!

    Liked by 1 person

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